A Spring Day in December

Particularly beautiful warm temperature days in normally cold months lead to the goats and cow getting rowdy. It’s just a fact I’ve learned to accept over the past two months.

I teach first graders online as most of you know. I love my job. It allows me to have the best of both worlds (working and being a SAHM). Sometimes, though (okay, most times), this leads to some unusual things happening at the same time.

Today, for instance, I set up a class to give several students a make-up test. Literally, two minutes before the start time, I heard bells.


I know what that means! It means Bessie has once again led the breakout gang on another escape mission! I looked out my office window at this for most of the class:

About 30 minutes later, they wandered around front. I gave the kids a five minute drawing & stretch break, and the gang was found out front, nibbling on pumpkins (which I give them daily but evidently THESE tasted better).


A cup of feed got them right back in the pasture. Bonus: all but two chickens went in there, too!

I made it back inside with two of the five minute break to spare.  I’m pretty sure most first grade teachers don’t deal with escaping livestock while teaching, but I wouldn’t change any of this for anything!

PS She broke her 300 lb rated tie out cable which is how she got loose. Evidently she weighs more than 300 lbs!

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