Happy 11th birthday, Jake!

Eleven years ago in the upstairs bathroom, Jake was born. My life has never been the same since #4 arrived!  

Jake, just minutes after his homebirth

He’s one of the sweetest kids around, and as he gets older each year, I’m noticing that ornery streak coming out in him just like his Dad Ted, sisters Janeesa and Sahara, and brother Teddy!  Right now, he’s into drawing, creating graphic novels and comics and Scratch.com projects about Yellowbross (his character), Minecraft, and Legos (double points for combining Minecraft and Legos!). 

 He loves his “birthday week” because there’s always a field trip, a kid party, a family party, and trick or treating. 

He designed his birthday cake this year to have Yellowbross’ face on top, and he was thrilled with how it turned out.  

He’s currently working on putting together this huge Minecraft Lego set that he got for his birthday; it has over 2800 pieces!  

Happy 11th birthday, Jake! Mama loves you!

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