Striving Acres proudly announces…

9.24.2015 birth announcement

Striving Acres proudly announces Bindi

born September 22, 2015 at 4:56 p.m., @ 45 lbs

After much back and forth discussion, Ted and I finally settled on the name Bindi as a tribute to the late and great Steve Irwin (1962 – 2006).  He was an animal lover, a wildlife expert, a conservationist, and he was fully passionate about all forms of life.  He named his own daughter Bindi, a word from the southern Australian Aboriginal Pitjandtjara language meaning “awakening”.

We cannot think of a better name for our little Bindi because that is indeed what she is for us: an awakening.  Seeing her birth and seeing how Bessie, and now Beef, react to her, care for her, and love her goes beyond anything we ever imagined.  Our little Bindi’s birth has renewed our commitment to run an ethical and humane farm for all of the animals here.

We will never be wealthy by society’s standards because of the affirmation to live by this commitment, but in the ways that matter, we are rich beyond belief to simply be part of the circle of life and to perhaps inspire others to realize that you, too, can live this wonderful life-altering dream.

Glitter glue ornaments

Sahara told Jake to sit down so she could teach him how to make glitter glue ornaments like Janeesa taught her when she was little. 

Sahara and Jake, making Christmas memories, 12/9/2017

They made glue shapes on parchment paper and added glitter designs to them. Once they dry, the kids will peel them off the parchment paper and hang them on the tree (or stick them to the windows).

Jake’s open tabs

I grabbed Jake’s iPad this morning from the kitchen table to look something up. I had to laugh at the tabs that he had open in Safari ( keep in mind that he’s 11 when you read these):

Fandroid music pictures which look like little monitors laughing

A Google search for “football hair” (what the heck IS football hair?)

The Instagram page for Victor Prokopenya “victorprokopenya” who is an IT entrepreneur and investor in London

The Instagram page for shelzy “shelengovskiy” which looks like it has something to do with video games

The tech section of the Down Time Chronicle

A page telling him how to opt out of Google ads

The Arctic Cool website which is a lot of work out wear and some workout technology

The smarter reviews website opened up to a page about which 2017 probiotic supplements are the most effective

The website showing the price of a brand new tour bus for $149,079 (???)

A Google search for Plants versus Zombies poppers (toys)

The Amazon site with a search for Plants versus Zombies poppers

A Google shopping search for Toyolo Plants versus Zombies poppers (I’m sensing a theme here and thinking this might be a good idea for Christmas gifts for him)

The website which is all about the Fine Art of outdoor cooking (???)

The New Balance website which is all about workout shoes about Dragon Ball
I honestly don’t know what to think. LOL

Elfie and Elfis, Days 2 and 3

These little stinkers have been all over the place this weekend! 

First, on Saturday morning they were in mugs with hot chocolate packets so Jake could enjoy a yummy treat. Then when he left the room, they moved to hideout on top of the piggy bank and the coffee pot!  It took him awhile to find them, but he thought it was hilarious when he did.

Janeesa came home on Saturday for a visit, and there were so many family members here to see her in the living room all day that the elves just couldn’t move without being seen. Jake was so happy when he came in this morning and found that they climbed the Christmas tree between Saturday night and Sunday morning! He’s now busy making them a bed so they will be comfortable at night from now on during this visit.

Guy trip!

These guys have been friends since freshman year of high school.  The years have seen them go their various ways in life – Air Force service, overseas deployments, colleges, marriages, births of children, moves out of state, etc, but once a year they make the time to come together at Thanksgiving for their annual “guy trip”.  They shop, goof off, see a movie, have dinner, etc.  For a few hours once a year, they relive the glory days of youth and leave behind the stressors of daily adult life. This is a friendship that has lasted over thirty years and will last for many more!

Rob, Ted, and John, guy trip 2017, Huntington, West Virginia

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