Guy trip!

These guys have been friends since freshman year of high school.  The years have seen them go their various ways in life – Air Force service, overseas deployments, colleges, marriages, births of children, moves out of state, etc, but once a year they make the time to come together at Thanksgiving for their annual “guy trip”.  They shop, goof off, see a movie, have dinner, etc.  For a few hours once a year, they relive the glory days of youth and leave behind the stressors of daily adult life. This is a friendship that has lasted over thirty years and will last for many more!

Rob, Ted, and John, guy trip 2017, Huntington, West Virginia

Know your food, and know your farmer!

Pumpkin time!

Once again, we went to Noble Family Farms for a fun day, and once again, I asked the owner what she was going to do with the pumpkins in the field once they closed for the season. Once again, she told me to come back and take as many as we wanted.  A couple of weeks later, Ted and I loaded up the flatbed trailer full of pumpkins from this year! 

There are tons and tons of them. I cannot even believe how many pumpkins we hauled home. There are HUNDREDS!

Jake and Harley had a blast helping us pick pumpkins from the field and loading them into the truck and livestock trailer. Then they had a blast playing on some of the equipment while Ted and I continued to load. 

The owner’s father-in-law used his tractor to pick up two huge boxes of pumpkins and set those in the trailer for us, too. These are the tiny little pie pumpkins that are just delicious , and I will be honest that I went through it when we got home and picked out several to  bake in the slow cooker and turn into pumpkin pie! 

We honestly could have fit more in the trailer, but we were afraid that we were near the weight limit that it could haul safely so we stopped. Thank you, Noble Family Farm! Our pigs, chickens, and cattle love these daily treats!

Christmas Open House at the Rusted Barn

The Rusted Barn is having their Christmas Open House right now! I just got home (I shopped almost an hour there!).  If you haven’t made it in yet, they’re still open until 7pm tonight. Go, and wear your Christmas sweater so you can enter the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, too!

The trees that Tina decorated are GORGEOUS! 

 I came home with lots of decorating ideas!
This snowman called to me. I bought him! He’s standing by my living room tv now.

I loved the old train set up at the table.

Elfie and Elfis will be bringing some of these neat glasses as a treat for Jake and Sahara.

Tina and Ryan are such sweet people. Go in and support a local business, and mark a little Christmas shopping off of your list!


Tell them Jeannettea sent you!

Happy 11th birthday, Jake!

Eleven years ago in the upstairs bathroom, Jake was born. My life has never been the same since #4 arrived!  

Jake, just minutes after his homebirth

He’s one of the sweetest kids around, and as he gets older each year, I’m noticing that ornery streak coming out in him just like his Dad Ted, sisters Janeesa and Sahara, and brother Teddy!  Right now, he’s into drawing, creating graphic novels and comics and projects about Yellowbross (his character), Minecraft, and Legos (double points for combining Minecraft and Legos!). 

 He loves his “birthday week” because there’s always a field trip, a kid party, a family party, and trick or treating. 

He designed his birthday cake this year to have Yellowbross’ face on top, and he was thrilled with how it turned out.  

He’s currently working on putting together this huge Minecraft Lego set that he got for his birthday; it has over 2800 pieces!  

Happy 11th birthday, Jake! Mama loves you!

Hornets and Homeschooling

This happened five years ago; Facebook reminded me. I just had to share it here! LOL
Oct. 27, 2012

On the way home from the field trip yesterday, just at the end of our road, I saw a HUGE hornets’ nest about six inches off the ground (seriously, this thing was about 18″ – 24″ tall and great big around as well).  I asked my Dad about it, and he called me later and said he got out of his car, whacked it with a stick (is that a guy thing b/c I would NEVER whack a bees’ nest with a stick!!!  LOL), and it was empty. 

 I decided I wanted it so I could do a school lesson with it.  I showed it to Ted Hollingshead today, and when we returned from Christmas shopping, he got big tree branch loppers out and cut it down for me and set it in the van.  Part of the branch was still coming out of the top so I was holding it steady from the front passenger’s seat when I SAW A HORNET FALL OUT OF IT AND MOVE AROUND!!!!  

I was screaming for him to stop, and I’m sure he thought I was nuts, but I was going to bail out of the moving vehicle until he finally stopped, and I jumped out of it.  He opened the door, and he said it was just one – until he moved the nest and several more were starting to crawl out!!!  Needless to say, he threw the nest into the weeds, and I have no hornets’ nest for a cool science lesson. 

 It was a great idea, though, and I still can’t believe we had a live hornets’ nest in our van driving around with it (I need to mention Ted has always supported my crazy ideas if they’re homeschooling related; tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the “dead” bat he caught for homeschool!).