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Guess what?  I upgraded the WordPress account for the blog, and with that, I received a free domain name!!!  You can now just type in , and the blog will open!


I also have 13GB of storage now (I had 6 before, and it was nearly all filled up so it was definitely time to upgrade!).

Happy dance, happy dance!!!

Fairy gardens at the Franklin Conservatory 

This was my favorite part of the Franklin Conservatory field trip; I love fairy gardens, and these take them to a whole new level!  

I found it so interesting that they utilized broken items to house the fairy gardens, and they all worked together so well!

I’m hoping to put a few together this summer from little bits of old junk I have stashed around here and there on the farm.

Some of them were themed.  This beach one in a giant cracked “seashell” (maybe an old bathroom sink bowl?) was particularly cute!

This one was made in an old Coleman cooler!

Look how this little tree and bush house this tiny fairy!

This was a large fairy garden, and it was housed in an old trunk 

This one used an old Red Flyer wagon.

This one was made from broken terra cotta pots.

This one was in an old wash tub (I have tons of these around here!).

There was an entire section dedicated to these fairy gardens at the Franklin Conservatory.  If you get the chance, definitely go, and take your kids!  Sahara and Jake loved this field trip and said they learned so much!

Franklin Conservatory field trip

This past Friday, I went on a field trip to the Franklin Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, and I took Jake and Sahara.  It was our first time there, and it was breathtaking.  Right now, their exhibit is called Blooms and Butterflies,  and the entire North Conservatory is full of hundreds of butterflies, all loose in there and flying around.  There are honestly no words to describe how gorgeous this place is so I’m just going to share some of the pics I took!

I’ll share the fairy garden pictures in a separate post tomorrow.

Happy hen pics

I love taking pictures of my hens out free ranging in the yard and forest.  They’re so happy and healthy. Their feathers are sleek and shiny and thick, and their combs are brightly colored.  

Their feet are clean and just beautiful.  Their eyes are alert and always on the hunt for a few bugs or worms, and Lord help you if you get out of your car with a plastic grocery bag or a fast food sack because they will all converge on you like a gang of little pointy beaked thugs just to get a bite of anything you drop – they don’t care what it is. They want it.

They provide me with endless entertainment.   Chicken TV hosts some hilarious episodes, and I love getting the lawn chair and a handful of corn out and spending thirty minutes, doling out treats to them all.

We moved the feed cans and are trying to get the chickens to free range a little further into the forest. The big dogs are good protectors of the chickens, and I am very comfortable with letting them go further. 

 I know the forest is full of pine needle mulch, and under that are all sorts of bugs that they will love eating.  This involves tossing lots of corn into the underbrush for them.  So far, so good!  

This white hen just cracked me up in this picture.