She needed a vet!

DG’s bandage showed bleeding through it, and I was concerned about bacteria and infection so I called the vet’s office this morning. They were great about getting her in right away.


She was very well-behaved while waiting her turn.


The exam room made her nervous.


She was not happy about the sedative (shot) but didn’t try to bite anybody.


Her head was covered while the sedative took effect and while her injured leg was shaved.


Here’s the cut. It was still gaping (I will have super glue in my emergency home vet kit from now on!!!)


This pic is a little blurry but really shows how bad it is. The vet stuck his finger in slightly to determine how deep it was and see damage. I almost passed out (only the second time I’ve ever been like that from an injury). Mom and Dad, vet school probably wouldn’t have been finished if I’d started and had to do this!!!


One long running stitch closed her up. The stitch will dissolve on its own.


Jake signed her “cast” (really a stretchy bandage).


He signed her name, too, since “she can’t write it herself”. 


Everybody was waiting when we got home. Even Daisy came to check her out. Cooper is beside her now and won’t let anyone else mess with her. Sometimes having a grouchy little supervisor around is just the thing that’s needed! 

Thank you, Ohio Valley Animal Clinic!!!

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