Clearing new pasture!


The bulldozer arrived Tuesday morning and started clearing three acres for new pasture!


Jake was fascinated. He couldn’t believe that Bob gets paid to “play on a bulldozer all day”! LOL


We walked the cleared acreage Wednesday evening. It’s hard to believe how much land this really is out here. When it’s all wooded, it’s hard to envision what this farm will look like with ten rolling acres of emerald green pastures; seeing just part of it cleared (and the views….OMG….the views!!!) really is an eye opener!


Unfortunately, since Grampa was such a packrat (he grew up in the Depression), we also found lots of items that we now have to figure out what to do with or where to store it (if it’s even still usable).


I was absolutely delighted to find tractor tires! These have dry rot so they’re being repurposed into two huge flowerbeds near the driveway entrance and filled with petunias, marigolds, and a wildflower mix.

We also found an old bulldozer which belongs to the church. I’m pretty sure it’s just a pile of rust and should be scrapped, but Dad says no. It’s got to go. It’s on the fence line plus I don’t want it rusting out in the open when people start coming to the farm in the fall.


There are two bush hogs…


…and this thing (no idea what it is).


There are stray tires here and there.


There’s even what appears to be a broken up cellar. 

I’m excited to see what else is uncovered as the work progresses!

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