The Tao of Martha – I begin this week!


After reading The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster, I decided to do it: I’m going to spend the next twelve months trying things Martha’s way.  I mean, the woman has it all together, so why not?  My home and farm could decidedly use a complete rehaul some major organizing, and I’ve read Jen’s book, so I feel like I’m already ahead of the curveball since I know not every project is going to work out like the spreads in Martha’s magazine (“Martha Stewart Living” for the uninitiated).


First step:  get a copy of Martha’s 800 page book and refer to it often during the next year.  After all, one of the tenets of the Tao of Martha is “There’s value in doing it yourself; there’s more value in learning to do it yourself from someone who’s been there before you.”


Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook arrived this past Saturday, and I LOVE IT!!!  I also love the fact that I snagged my copy on ebay and paid $12 total for it (including shipping)!

Let my Year of Martha begin at Striving Acres!

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