The bread expired – don’t toss it!

The "new normal" has started for those of us following the USA's directive of social distancing, and we are staying home to avoid being around others to try to slow the spread of COVID19 so our medical facilities aren't overrun. That means that when we have half a loaf of bread that expired, it doesn't … Continue reading The bread expired – don’t toss it!

Growing potatoes from sprouted ones

This is not a "bad" potato; it's a potato that's going to provide you with the means of growing your own future potatoes: This is how you do it: Cut the sprouts off, leaving some potato just below the sprouted parts (called "eyes"). Now set those in a saucer of water. Don't use too much … Continue reading Growing potatoes from sprouted ones

Yet another pretty girl

Pretty ornery that is! Luci(fer) is four years old (she will be five in October). Her Groucho Marx eyebrows slay me. LOL Remember when Ted found her in the field? She's just plotting how she can get Friskee in her next sneak attack. Luci loves all the other animals, but Friskee hates Luci. It's probably … Continue reading Yet another pretty girl

Dollar Tree – spring floral display

This is a little floral display I put together from Dollar Tree items. Everything is from Dollar Tree. It came to $11 total cost - 2 sprays of egg cattails (cut apart), 2 sprays of lilacs, 2 sprays of greenish flowers, 2 sprays yellow flowers, 1 metal bucket, 1 foam block, 1 bag moss (although … Continue reading Dollar Tree – spring floral display

Dollar Tree – gnome garden

I've started crafting a little here and there again, and I've realized something. Craft supplies are expensive! A new trend I've noticed is crafters buying supplies/repurposing items from Dollar Tree to keep costs down, and it works! I couldn't find any premade gnome gardens or fairy gardens online. I think due to their fragility that … Continue reading Dollar Tree – gnome garden