Feeding the pigs is a whole process

We brought home 1800 pounds of pig feed, and then Ted had to fill the big gravity feeder with it all. It's not as simple as you'd think. First, the bags go into the tractor bucket (as many as will fit without spilling). Then Ted drives the tractor down the path through the woods to … Continue reading Feeding the pigs is a whole process

Fluffy butts on parade

The chickens love free ranging. They love pecking and scratching through the yard, driveway, and woods for tasty buggy treats. This young rooster is just gorgeous. His tail feathers have that green sheen to them that game birds have. He struts his stuff around the hens like crazy, but they just ignore him for the … Continue reading Fluffy butts on parade

Loving this scent right now!

Morgan and Teddy got this for me as part of my Christmas presents, and I absolutely am loving the scent! It makes the house smell wonderful all the way through the entire downstairs (72 feet long!). It's just right: not overpowering but definitely strong enough to smell it! I've used it all up this past … Continue reading Loving this scent right now!