He’s back!!!

I went out at 8:45 Friday morning to let the chickens into the run, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

The chicken hawk, the one who stole away with a good portion of my flock earlier this summer, was IN MY DRIVEWAY! He was staring intently at my hens through their pen, trying to figure out how to get to them. I could almost see the wheels turning in his little bird brain.

He flew off when he saw me, but he stuck around all day, appearing to lazily circle our area and meander through the skies.  I knew what he was up to, though.  I fed and watered my chickens in their little barn today, and I didn’t turn them out into the run until I was sure he was gone about 5 o’clock today.

Jake asked me if I would get in trouble with the cops for shooting the hawk. I told him I’m not that good of a shot anyway.

Rotten old chicken hawk – too bad I can’t put him in the freezer.  I soooo would!!!

3 thoughts on “He’s back!!!

  1. We have red-tailed hawks which soar high above and red-shouldered hawks, which perch in the oak tree branches near my coop – I think these are more like chicken hawks and they seem much more prevalent in the early fall. They are the bane of a flock keeper’s existence! Good luck!


  2. Oh No. That’s pretty darn bold. We have huge hawks too, and some hover overhead, but none have been as bold as yours. It might be because I have all these dogs guarding the property. I am also lucky that my chickens don’t have to stay in a run, mostly because of how this place is situated – plenty of chicken safety spots. They run around all day long and have so far been lucky. Occasionally, we get a possum, but the dogs quickly take care of it. Good luck to you and your chooks!


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