Mother’s Day with my kids

I actually got all four of my kids in one place, and we celebrated Mother’s Day last week on Wednesday last week!

 With the older two out of the house and the older three working, it’s hard to coordinate schedules and get them all in the same place at the same time.  They figured it out though!

Janes was working in Cleveland and had to be in Cincinnati at the end of the week before heading back to Vhicago, so she rented a car and drove home for two days in between.  Teddy had the same two days off,  and Sahara switched shifts with someone so she could be here, too.

We had a cookout at Gramma Izzie’s.   

The kids had such a good time together. Teddy told Jake to come to his house to get his old Playstation.  You’d have thought Teddy gave the kid a sack of gold. LOL

Jake wanted pictures with each of his siblings.  He wants me to frame them for his room.  I had to laugh when I looked at this picture today as I wrote this post:  in another three years, Jake will be taller than Janeesa!  She’s definitely going to be the shortest of the four kids.  

 I love when they can get together and hang out. I love it even more when I get to hang out with them, too.

  See Jake’s little arm reaching out?  He took this blurry photo of us.  LOL. 

Setting up the rest of the corral

Ted did it!  The corral pieces he ordered finally came in after four weeks of waiting, so we headed to Hillsboro on Saturday morning to pick them up.  It was a straight over and straight back trip.  

Then it was time to set them up.

It was a little harder than we thought it would be.  The panels didn’t want to set straight because the ground is unlevel, and the sweep gate kept catching on the rounded panels instead of moving through and locking into each one like it was supposed to do.

Ted kept at it though, and eventually, he got it working correctly. 

The cattle watched for a while, and then they moved off to get a little grass and a little shade.  It was hot as blazes out there, and we were racing the incoming storm!

We beat it just as the first raindrops fell!

Now all that’s left to do is grease the headgate and figure out how to teach our cattle to walk through it willingly.  

Smartcar mileage 

I am NOT happy about the lack of mileage my little smartcar is getting right now!  I can’t figure out what’s going on with it.  It was getting around 40mpg, but last time and this time, the mileage was just HORRIBLE!

The only thing I can think of is that someone is stealing gas from my little car.  The gas cap doesn’t lock, and it probably wouldn’t be hard to do.  The only other thing I can think of is that running the air conditioner is really messing with the mpg.  I wouldn’t think it would knock it down almost 8mpg from what it was though! 

I’m going to start parking in my garage from now on and locking the garage doors.  I will know if stealing was the issue the next time I fill up!

271.9 miles ÷ 8.268 gallons = 32.885mpg!  NOT ACCEPTABLE! 

Gardening with Gramma Izzie

Gramma had me help her with her plants earlier this week. That woman can grow anything (just like my Mom!).  I, unfortunately,  did not inherit this gene.  Here’s hoping one of the kids did.

Gramma has a big strawberry pot full of “hens and chicks”, and there are tons of little “chicks” growing out from under the “hens” right now.  Jake and Sahara wanted plants for their rooms after the field trip to the Franklin Conservatory, and she told me to get some pots, and she’d transplant some for them.

She literally just scooped them out with a trowel and stuck them in the little pots I brought her.  

She told me to keep them in a sunny spot inside and water them a little everyday until the dirt was just moist.  

Here’s hoping I can keep them alive!

We have a woodpecker! 

I was outside feeding the chickens on Monday morning when I heard something knocking,  knocking,  knocking in the woods behind the coop.  I snuck around the side, listening.  

It took me a few minutes,  but I found him!  I only had the cellphone with me so the picture isn’t super clear when I zoom in, but if you look closely, you’ll see him!  He’s got a red head, and he noticed me, too. He wasn’t afraid of me at all. He watched me for a few minutes,  and then he went right back to work on the tree.

Now that I know what to listen for, I hear him all the time out there, knocking,  knocking,  knocking,  and finding some bugs to eat!  I love living out here with nature so close by us.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else!