Someone stole gas again!!. (Smartcar mileage)

I am so annoyed.  I left my car outside the garage overnight for three nights, and someone stole a little over a quarter of a tank of gas from my Smartcar!  I had half a tank when I parked it (I know because I always look at it to see if I should get gas soon or not after I drive it).

The thief also drained the gas from Gramma’s lawnmower, too!  Now that is just LOW to steal from a 90 year old woman!!! 

This is ridiculous!  

So here’s the gas mileage, but it’s not accurate because this mileage should only be divided by 4 – 4.5 gallons!

223.1 ÷ 6.979 = 31.967mpg

223.1 ÷ 4.5 = 49.577mpg is what it truly was this time around!

No worries because this taught me another hard lesson, and my car will be locked in the garage from now on!

I wish I could put a chain link fence all the way around this entire farm. I’d hook the electric cattle charger up to it, and that thief would have his arm about knocked off and would be sitting in the dirt the first time he tried to cross over it again!  I’m so tired of working hard for what we have just for lazy thieves to steal it!

3 thoughts on “Someone stole gas again!!. (Smartcar mileage)

  1. Can you get a locking gas cap for your car? You should be able to leave it out. And isn’t your driveway half a mile long? This must be frustrating and a little unsettling too…


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