2017 Blog Stats

I don’t check my blog stats often (I honestly forget most of the time and only remember when it pops up on my Facebook memories that I posted about the stats one year).  When I do, I am often pleasantly surprised – this year, I was FLOORED!  Almost FOUR THOUSAND (3, 979 to be exact) views happened on my blog this year!

2017 blog map

Another stat that really shocked me was the list of countries where I have had viewers on the blog:  USA, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Russia, India, Australia, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, New Zealand, Israel, Indonesia, Norway, Singapore, Vietnam, Sweden, Mexico, Switzerland, Finland, South Africa, Philippines, Romania, Slovenia, Zambia, Thailand, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Cameroon, and Japan!

I can’t believe that the little bits of words I write here reached so many people this year!  Thank you to all of the followers and viewers who pop in to take a look at the blog and see what’s going on at Striving Acres Farm!  I love sharing information and experiences that I have on the farm, and if it saves someone else a little heartache/money/blood/sweat/tears, then it’s definitely worth it.

Last, I always try to end the year by looking at the most popular posts for that year.  I’m always amazed to see which posts people seem to like and share the most, and some of them make me laugh when I see the list!  Here’s the list of top posts for 2017 – see you in 2018!

Top 10 posts of 2017

The Christmas Cave in Minford, Ohio

A Little Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way   This post went viral and had thousands of views all over the world!

I cut it off!

Meet the newbie!

Book catalogue

Eek!! Snake!!!!!

Jake bakes a cake for Grandma Billie

I did the important thing

Someone stole gas again!!. (Smartcar mileage)

We can’t believe the cattle didn’t eat this!

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