Eek!! Snake!!!!!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here on the farm, so Ted fixed the chicken coop door, and then I said, “Let’s clean out the garage while it’s not hot!”
 He agreed, and we got busy. We’ve been out here for five hours, trying to organize all of the tools and farm stuff and gardening stuff, etc. I went to put away a wall piece that I want to use in the living room for the holidays. I happened to look up, and this was what was hanging over my head!!!


I got it down, and we measured it. That snakeskin is 3 feet 2 inches long, and that means that a snake that was at least that big was hanging out in the garage rafters at some point during the past six months! 

I am so done with cleaning the garage now, and so is Ted. LOL

One thought on “Eek!! Snake!!!!!

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