Beef has left the building


Looking to buy meat for your freezer locally?  Ron Manning is who you want to see! 

Ronnie came over Thursday evening to pick up Beef.  Ted got him in the back corner near the barn and fed him a treat, and I put down the electric polyrope and had Ronnie back his trailer straight up to the gates. 


Ted couldn’t hold Beef’s interest with the feed once he noticed the trailer. He was so excited.  He ran back and forth along the high tensile fencing.  Ronnie opened one gate, and I opened the other, and Beef ran straight over to the open trailer and peered inside.

Ted opened the man door and called him, and Beef went straight inside the trailer. We loaded him in less than five minutes (including backing up the trailer).


Ronnie took Beef to his farm a couple of miles down the road and let him out there.  We were sad to see him go (Ted more so to be honest), but it was time.

Ronnie said we’d “ruined him” because he acts like a pet, and he was very cautious with him.  He told us that a woman in the area had a pet bull thirty years ago, and when she went outside to feed it one evening, it wanted to play and unfortunately killed her.  We’ve always been cautious with Beef because he is very curious and very food motivated (and associates people with food and treats because of us).

I think Ted’s having a harder time with Beef being gone than he shows. We both agreed it was time to move him to another farm though, and for two huge procrastinators,  this was a really big accomplishment for us.

And as soon as Beef left, we took our trailer over to Ronnie’s main farm and loaded up who we traded Beef for…but that’s tomorrow’s post!

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