Dark Act signed into law – Goodbye democracy

​This president has now superceded state laws which were to go into effect very soon and now consumers will have to scan a QR code on every packaged item they purchase to know if it contains genetically modified ingredients, but there are so many loopholes in the Dark Act that tons of companies will just … Continue reading Dark Act signed into law – Goodbye democracy

Easiest bake sale item EVER

The high school marching band had their annual fundraiser car wash this past Saturday, and the kids were asked to bring an item for the bake sale as well.  This is what I made and sent: Caramel and Dark Chocolate Dipped Sea Salt Marshmallows  Ingredients: 1 bag caramel chips 1 bag dark chocolate chips 1 … Continue reading Easiest bake sale item EVER

I thought I saw Grampa Eddie…

I came home yesterday and saw Grampa Eddie mowing the lawn, and I thought, "OMG!!!  Grampa!!!  I haven't seen you in forever!!!"  I threw the car in park so I could talk to him, and then remembered...Grampa Eddie passed on several years ago.  It was my Dad wearing Grampa's hat and mowing Gramma Izzie's yard. … Continue reading I thought I saw Grampa Eddie…

Jake (the little chef)

Jake decided he's changing his career choice; instead of building robots for NASA, he wants to be a "salad chef for the scientists at NASA because they probably aren't very healthy because they probably sit at their computers watching space all day."  LOL He found tons of video recipes on YouTube, and he was determined … Continue reading Jake (the little chef)

Our very first blueberry!!!

Two years ago, I dumped a massive amount of woodchips in the chicken yard and along the outside of the fence to amend the clay soil.  Last year, we planted three blueberry bushes and two blackberry bushes along the chicken yard fence and chicken walkway.   Four of the bushes have a few berries on … Continue reading Our very first blueberry!!!