Lego Fusion

One of Jake’s Christmas presents was the Lego Fusion iPad Town Master set.  This is a download able app, and the box contains Lego bricks with one Fusion baseplate (needed to scan his creations and insert them into the app).


I can see a TON of educational uses for this app and brick set already. Jake’s been playing with this set for about two hours nonstop already,  building with the bricks and adding the buildings requested by the townspeople. He has to read their requests and directions in the app on the iPad, and then he uses his imagination to build each building.

I think this plays into math spatial concepts and geometry for young kids. He has to plan his street layout to make the buildings fit, and he only has a certain number of bricks and colors to build with so he has to plan his buildings so they don’t all look alike.


I can see writing in all sorts of activities to go along with this app and building set. For example, he’s the mayor of his little town he’s building so he could write plans for future building projects as well as other towns he plans to create. There’s a post office so he could write letters. There’s a pizzaria so he could create a menu for it as well as advertisements.  The ideas I’m getting watching him play with this are endless!

In all, this set was worth of every penny of the $30 it cost. I highly recommend this if you have kids who love the  iPad and Lego!

3 thoughts on “Lego Fusion

  1. Wow that does sound like a deal! Sounds like something that I would do for fun. Kind of a little like Sim City. I spent hours playing that game. My kiddos are probably just a tad young.


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