New girls!

Ted and I made a four hour round trip today to pick up 28 new hens.  They are young five month old pullets, and they are just gorgeous and SO DOCILE AND SWEET!

They should all start to lay eggs by late May.  My goal is to have farm fresh eggs from pasture raised hens for the farmers’ market this summer.

These white Light Brahma hens are my favorite of the bunch.

Jakes was on door duty as Ted unloaded the new girls.  It was 62 degrees here today!

My job was to take pictures. LOL. Look at this little Americauna!  There are three in the bunch.  I love Americaunas and their little blue and pink eggs.

Of course, all the roosters had to come calling.  We have them kept apart for now as they’re just too big and could hurt these young pullets.  Also, as an aside, for people who say roosters will all fight to the death and can’t be kept together and who use that reasoning to justify cock fighting, IT’S A LIE!  These nine roosters may have a little jumping around tail pulling spat every once in a while, but they have a pecking order and never draw blood even when they do chase each other around.  They sleep on the same roost at night, eat and drink from the same places, etc.

These two older hens cracked me up.  They climbed the coop roof to get a good look at the new ladies. LOL

Right now, all our hens (old and new) are sleeping together in the coop!  They’re all cooing and sound so happy with their little snores!  

3 thoughts on “New girls!

  1. I love reading about your livestock and farm. It brings back so many memories. I admire you and Ted for what you’re doing. I know how hard the work really is, but I can tell it’s a labor of love. Keep doing what you’re doing and posting the updates! Love reading them and love you!


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