My dirty little habit – broken!!!

I have always bitten my nails. I mean I BIT THOSE NAILS.  They looked horrible.

Proof (February 14th):


I quit a couple of times in my life, but it was for other people: once for my husband and once for my sister’s wedding.  I would always end up biting them again, and once I started, it was a spiral of nibbling and picking until I was full fledged gnawing at finger nubs again.

On Valentine’s Day, I decided I’d had enough. I hated the way they looked.  I hated that I didn’t have the willpower to stop. I hated that I used a comb to scratch any itch I had (just being brutally honest here, folks).

I stopped. Cold turkey, I just stopped. I will not lie; it was HARD. I caught myself with my fingers in my mouth often. Instead of thinking i could never do it and giving up, I’d just stop again. I was determined.

Four weeks later (March 14th):


On March 19th, I did something I had only done twice in my life before: I got a manicure!


My nails are green. That’s Sahara’s petite little hand with black fingernails under my hand. We went together to get the manicures. We’ve never gone together to both get them; I always just sat by the front while she got one.

And……here we are today, March 29th, six weeks after I finally broke this horrible habit:


I painted them myself this afternoon and tried to do silver tips, but I definitely need more practice. I’ll get better at it.

I’m sharing this because we all have bad habits.  We all have things we wish we didn’t do.

We all can make a change when we want it badly enough.


Here’s my proof!

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