Tipped scales

I realized today exactly how out of balance our lives have become. We work hard…and we work all the time. Starting a farm takes back-breaking labor or money to hire that labor AND money to feed all the animals and keep equipment and fences repaired, etc.  We have outside careers which provide that income.  They also provide STRESS in copious amounts.

Balance for us is off. Today it was glaringly obvious to me because we HAD a balanced day. We had time for work to earn money, but it wasn’t all consuming. It sadly feels like our careers have become these always hovering clouds that keep us tethered to our computers and cell phones and constantly thinking, “Okay, I have x minutes to finish this because I have to do this meeting/project work/testing/conference in exactly x minutes.”

Today, we worked at our jobs and did what needed to be done. Then we were able to work on the farm stuff for several hours (virtually unheard of for us together), and then we were able to spend three hours with friends at a local restaurant  just eating and laughing and relaxing.

IT WAS A BALANCED DAY!  It was wonderful!

It made me want this balance everyday.  We have to find it. I just don’t think we can keep going at this pace as unbalanced as we normally are…not for much longer anyway. It’s just not possible.

Having found it makes it so much harder to think about going back to being unbalanced again in our day to day living. It’s hard to explain it. It just feels like being in a pressure cooker all the time with our careers…and then today, we weren’t. 

We just lived today, and it felt wonderful!

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