Monday was a great work day for the new coop. The weather was beautiful!


The front wall, window, and door frame went in.

The door is over 100 years old and solid wood. Dad gave it to me from his stash (in our family, tossing out stuff is like a cardinal sin LOL).


Sometimes being a packrat pays off.  JUST LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS HARDWARE ON IT!


Since the building itself is VERY much not square, it’s not easy to get the windows and door plumb and level….because the floor and the main building are a little crooked.


Most of the time, walls are built, stood up, and screwed into place. These walls and all the headers and frames have to be built piece by piece, one by one. They get checked every time a new piece is added to make sure they stay square (as square as possible).


Construction requires lots of coffee….


….and canine supervision…


…and laughing at the silly jokes.


Every day is one step closer to having this section of the farm ready to go!


I’m so thankful for Dad and Ted! They jumped right into this project and are going with my vision…even if I’m the only one that can stand back and see it so far. When I look, I see it finished in my mind. I’m pretty sure they see a mess. LOL


I see it though!!! I see the beauty and functionality and I AM SO EXCITED I’M READY TO BUST!!!

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