Tipped scales

I realized today exactly how out of balance our lives have become. We work hard...and we work all the time. Starting a farm takes back-breaking labor or money to hire that labor AND money to feed all the animals and keep equipment and fences repaired, etc.  We have outside careers which provide that income.  They … Continue reading Tipped scales

My dirty little habit – broken!!!

I have always bitten my nails. I mean I BIT THOSE NAILS.  They looked horrible. Proof (February 14th): I quit a couple of times in my life, but it was for other people: once for my husband and once for my sister's wedding.  I would always end up biting them again, and once I started, … Continue reading My dirty little habit – broken!!!

One more step in the right direction

I have such big dreams for our little farm. I foresee workshops and classes to teach others how to can, make cheese, care for chickens so they can raise their own....in short, one of my biggest hopes is not just to connect people to their food but to convince them that they, too, can be … Continue reading One more step in the right direction

Maturing as a farmer…

I heard another farmer once say you know you're really a farmer when you DON'T accept a free or cheap animal because you know you're not ready. Within the past two weeks, I've turned down a breeding trio of meat rabbits because I want to raise rabbits in a colony setting, and honestly, rabbits are … Continue reading Maturing as a farmer…