In my living room…

When you farm, it’s pretty much common place to have something going on at all times with at least one animal.  Today (Thursday), I had a first time occurence.


I let the chickens out to free range, picked up Sahara from school, and heard her say this when she exited the van at home: “You’ve got a (garbled) in the (garbled)!”

“I’ve got a what where???”

“You’ve got a CHICKEN in the POND!!!”


I fished her out. She looked like a drowned rat. The poor little thing puffed all her feathers out, but I knew she’d never dry off before nightfall if I left her outside.


That’s how I wound up with a chicken in a dog cage on a kitchen chair in front of the living room fireplace with Ted’s robe draped over three sides to help hold in the heat.


She looks like something from Jurassic Park…but don’t tell this primping princess that!


She loved it. I think she thought it was a spa day.

She was happy to go back out once she dried off though. After all, she had worms to dig out of the mulch in the flowerbeds!

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