…and this is what it looks like (and he’s getting photo bombed by one of the girls LOL)! 

Before I had chickens, I had no idea what molting was or that chickens do this every year (twice in their first year!).

The first time I saw it, I was convinced they were all dying. This was back in the day when the Internet was mostly just message boards; thank goodness my Grampa Eddie was around to tell me differently. He saved me a lot of worry!!!

I thought I’d share a picture of this molt on this particular rooster (Joey) so you’d have an idea of what it can look like.  I feel i should also mention that I’ve also had birds go almost bald and just look AWFUL during their molts and with others I couldn’t even tell it was happening to them.

Poor Joey – he’s lost most of his gorgeous tail feathers! I’m sure he’s hoping they’ll grow back soon!

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