Bindi is three weeks old on Thursday. Every evening it would get dark, and I would think, “There’s another day I didn’t milk Bessie.”  Then I’d feel sorry for myself for working so much at teaching and studying so much for those two college classes, and I’d have a pity party in my head.

Then I’d think about how much hay bales cost and how much  she eats and be ashamed that I was not buckling down and sleeping thirty minutes less so I could milk her every night (although honestly, I’m sleeping just five to six hours a night so I’m not sure I could shave any more off of that without some health issues cropping up).

Then I’d read some more from my books about the family milk cow, and I’d get mad because I still don’t have a milking area.

Tonight, I’d had enough procrastinating. I grabbed a stainless steel pot from the cabinet, a little stool sized chair from the hallway, washcloths and a bucket from the kitchen, a mug from Gramma’s house when I filled the bucket with hot soapy water, and the sack of feed, and I marched in that paddock and I.MILKED.MY.COW!

I poured feed on the ground after seeing Beef was up the hill and in the other fenced area. I washed two teats with the hot soapy water (she was a little concerned by that part but then relaxed). Then I started milking her. It took a few tries, but the motor memory came right back from the time I had a dairy goat for almost two years.  Unfortunately,  as much hit the ground as hit the mug because a cow teat is a lot different than a goat teat in size and feel.

Bessie would pick up her leg every so often and push at me just like she would a fly, but I stayed off the chair in a half squat position so I could move when she tried it.  The mug was a genius move; she’d have kicked the pot over for sure (or stepped in it).

I could only milk one teat. I tried to reach the back and other side, but she just wasn’t too sure about all that. She’d move and turn around when I tried that.

Morgan came out and poured Bessie more feed for me. As long as she had feed, she was happy to let me milk her from that one teat.

Then Beef figured out Bessie had feed, and he decided to run down the hill like an elephant so I had to duck under the gate wire.



Don’t laugh.  I know it’s about two ounces.

BUT I MILKED MY COW, and I’m going to do it every night from now on!!! 

Besides – this is more than enough for my coffee tomorrow morning. LOL

I DID IT!!!  She’s NOT just a lawn ornament! I MILKED MY COW!

One thought on “I MILKED MY COW!!!

  1. Nothing better than fresh milk right from the cow. How awesome! I wish I could have a cow. Well done. Enjoy those two ounces in your coffee…. Much deserved. Best wishes to you and your milking endeavors. Happy fall! Koko:)


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