Striving Acres proudly announces…

Striving Acres proudly announces Bindi born September 22, 2015 at 4:56 p.m., @ 45 lbs After much back and forth discussion, Ted and I finally settled on the name Bindi as a tribute to the late and great Steve Irwin (1962 - 2006).  He was an animal lover, a wildlife expert, a conservationist, and he was … Continue reading Striving Acres proudly announces…

We can’t get enough of the baby!!!

We're trying to be respectful of Bessie and her new baby (still unnamed), and we're trying to give them space, but it's JUST.SO.HARD!  Ted checked on her this morning while I worked. Bessie doesn't want us to touch her so she puts herself between us and the baby. Gramma checked on her from across the … Continue reading We can’t get enough of the baby!!!


Ted moved Beef and Bessie last night into the paddock (which now opens into the huge new fenced three acres). This morning, Bessie acted "off". She didn't eat much, and she seemed restless. Gramma said she was sure today would be birthing day. We checked on her many times today; about eleven this morning, she … Continue reading BESSIE HAD HER CALF!!!

Blueberries are soooo good!

I have wanted blueberry bushes forever for our farm. I finally decided that this is the year to plant them. We bought one from Rural King, and it is an Elliott blueberry bush. We are going to buy two more of a different variety from Tractor Supply this weekend and get those planted as well.  … Continue reading Blueberries are soooo good!