Puppy antics

We puppy proofed the living room and kitchen. Sahara said it’s like having a little baby that can walk and reach everything and puts it all in her mouth (yes, that’s EXACTLY what it’s like, Sahara!). A piece of paper, a rubber band, a Bobby pin, shoes, toys, houseplants, dustpan – if it was on the floor, she found it and chewed on it. That made it easy to puppy proof though; we just followed her around and took everything she picked up.

A chair and two laundry baskets blocked her from going into the rest of the house.

Then came sleeping arrangement time. The other dogs would not sleep in the same room with her. They paced and paced, round and round, toenails clickety clacking until Sahara sent them to bed, and then the puppy crashed and slept like a …well…like an exhausted puppy.

House training is going well. After two accidents, I soaked up a little pee on a puppy pad and set it over one accident area. She used the puppy pad after that every time! I think she will house train easily and quickly which is a major plus!

Then of course there are the puppy antics. I have to keep redirecting her chewing efforts away from the furniture which took up most of the morning. Every time I take my eyes off of hwr, I find her gnawing on a chair leg (or the couch or the recliner or the cabinet edge) when I look back again. I keep telling her, “No!”  She keeps looking at me and chewing on everything she can reach. She gets distracted by the chew toy and the ball and the washcloth I gave her, but after a little bit, she’s munching on something forbidden again, and we start the process all over.


On the plus side, she keeps trying to “help” with the laundry. LOL

Check out Striving Acres on Facebook for videos of the puppy!

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