Fostering (let’s try it again)


This puppy was found in a neighboring town after the storm Sunday night, cowering in someone’s bushes.  The owner couldn’t be found.

The finder turned her over to the pound. Initially, we saw her picture circulated by the local Humane Society, but then on Tuesday, her picture was with the dog pound.


We discussed it and decided to foster her until she could get on a rescue transport.

The pound think she’s a Great Pyranese mixed with a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. She’s the biggest ten week old puppy I’ve ever seen!!! She’s going to make somebody a wonderful farm dog (not us – four dogs are enough!).


Cooper and Smidge aren’t too happy that she’s here because she keeps stealing their bed. DG doesn’t care, and Puppers is sure this barking thing is going to eat her….


…although Puppers really really wants that shoe so she’s trying to be brave and steal it!

4 thoughts on “Fostering (let’s try it again)

    • We tried fostering once before, and that’s how we wound up with Puppers (look at the categories “Nibbler” and “dogs”). The big difference though in these two is Puppers came to us at two days old, and this puppy is about ten weeks old. Puppers had to be bottle fed, carried in a baby sling for constant body contact and to regulate body temperature, etc. She really bonded with us, and we bonded with her; there was just no way we could give her up when it came time to do so. This puppy is doing great with us, but I know that when it’s time to turn her over to her forever home, I will definitely be able to do so. I am approaching it more like babysitting instead of childrearing this time! LOL


  1. Oh, he’s precious! And you’re right, he’s going to be a monster! I’m glad you can foster him until he gets a forever home.
    I don’t know if I could give one up.


    • We weren’t able to give up Puppers (our failed fostering attempt: see categories “Nibbler” and “dogs”), but it was a completely different scenario with her being two days old when we got her.

      I think this little one already has a home with a family that saw me leaving with her yesterday!!! I’m so happy to be able to keep her out of the pound until they can take her this weekend! 🙂

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