Library problem

Ted says I have a library book problem.  I was putting away the books on the “public library books shelf” at home (What?  Doesn’t everyone have a library book spot at home??), and he saw THE LIST.  

THE LIST is what our library prints and gives out to show you what you have checked out and the due dates.  I love it.  That list is super useful in making sure the books are all back by their due dates; I just check off the ones we’re returning each week and make sure the others we’re keeping are on the library shelf,  my teacher desk, living room end tables, or bedside stands.  Then I get a new list printed every time we return/check out books, and I’m always up to date!  Seriously, I’ve lost one book since the library started giving out THE LIST, and that was on vacation (here’s hoping lots of kids have found and enjoyed that book while near that beach!).

Anyway, he made me count the books on the list to prove I have a problem.  There are only 44 books on the list.  That’s not a lot (not even close to my record).  Also, I use a LOT of books each week in my classroom, and my students love it, and Jake loves that he always has an Accelerated Reader points book available at home.  I don’t think I have a problem (other than not having enough time to visit the library everyday!).  I do think I need a bigger library shelf.  LOL

THE LIST – it’s that piece of receipt paper running from just under the bottom of the red bow to the bottom of the fridge door

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