Tulip wreath

I finally got around to making my own tulip wreath using Dollar Tree materials this morning! I used 23 flower stems, 1 roll of ribbon (used the wrap method to hold the flowers on the frame), and 1 wire frame. I think I’m possibly going to add another set of stems in the top left to fill that area out. It looks a little thin compared to the rest of it. All in all, I’m happy with it!

This is the first wreath I’ve made in YEARS. I saw these here and there and just loved the look, but I wasn’t about to drop $70 on one when I knew I could make it myself. With the added stems, I’ll still have under $30 on it and about 45 minutes of my time (and it was so relaxing to make this – I forgot how much I enjoy crafting!!!).

Happy Easter! Now I’m off to cook a huge Easter Dinner for the family!

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