Beautiful boy

Well, Bessie is nothing if not dramatic this time around at the end of her pregnancy! After all of that worry on Friday evening and all of the treatment for the milk fever, guess what we found on Sunday morning???

This beautiful boy was born!

The vet even checked her Friday night while she was here and said it would be five to seven days before the calf was born. I explained to the vet that according to the signs Bessie was showing me on Thursday, I had calculated that she’d give birth three to five days (from Thursday – so Sunday to Tuesday was my guesstimate while the vet was saying Wednesday to Friday).

I was right on the money with that one! Too bad I can’t call lottery numbers like I can call impending calf birthdays!!!

He’s a gorgeous shade of grey, and hopefully he will carry the traits from his father, Chip (3/4 Murray Grey x 1/4 Angus). Overall, this boy is 25% Jersey x 25% Holstein x 37 1/2% Murray Grey x 12 1/2% Angus – so in layman’s terms, he’s half dairy and half beef breeds).

I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he’s a year old! And I’m so relieved that Bessie is fine from the milk fever and has had this calf (fourth calf and no help from us at any birth – she has them with ease!)!

It was a truly bittersweet moment for me though. This is the first calf born on our farm that Gramma Izzie didn’t get to see. Spring roses in bloom and seeing the brand new calves were two of her most favorite things. I hope she knows the new calf is here and that she can see him; she’d have just loved his soft grey coloring and his loud bossy little self!

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