“New” broody cabinet

NOTE: I forgot to publish this post! I wrote it about three weeks ago.  This broody cabinet is so awesome though that I had to publish it!

I am so tired of chicks in my bathroom!  They’re just DUSTY!!! Their cute little fluff falls off, and their feathers start coming in, and they kick up the wood chips….dust, dust, and more dust.

I pinned several broody cabinets made from old dressers, etc, to a Pinterest board, and when Ted was in the mood to build something, I showed them to him.


The cabinet after Ted added the sides (it was screen all the way around)

We had the perfect old cabinet on the front porch and some wood scraps left from another project so he got started on it.  I even found a roll of screen I squirrelled away to fix the door! Sometimes being a packrat pays off. LOL


He worked on it for a few hours, and he built it just right for our needs. Chicks can go in the top, older chicks in the middle, and broody hens in the bottom to keep other hens from adding or stealing eggs to/from the egg clutch.


The blue paint going on in this pic. I had three helpers while painting. This is helper #1: Friskee.

I found some leftover paint (Blue Phlox from Sherwin-Williams) and a paintbrush, and I started painting. It took three coats for the outside because the wood was very old and dry, and it just soaked the paint right up.

Ted even put screws in two spots and then drilled holes in these boards to serve as kick stops so the chicks couldn’t fall out when the door gets opened to add feed, water, change bedding, etc.


                 Helper #2: Puppers!

He did a wonderful job; it’s the best broody cabinet I’ve ever seen!


Helper #3: EEK!!! Needless to say, there’s a small unpainted section where this little spider perched and refused to move!

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