Bessie gave me a heart attack

I was coming home from dropping Sahara off at band this morning, and I noticed Beef (unusually) standing a ways off from Bessie, and Bessie was off by herself, standing over what looked like a big brown lump setting in the dirt.  I couldn't see it very well, but the closer I git, I could … Continue reading Bessie gave me a heart attack

She needed a vet!

DG's bandage showed bleeding through it, and I was concerned about bacteria and infection so I called the vet's office this morning. They were great about getting her in right away. She was very well-behaved while waiting her turn. The exam room made her nervous. She was not happy about the sedative (shot) but didn't … Continue reading She needed a vet!

Farm Queen Visits Rural King

Rural King is my favorite store in the world. I LOVE wandering the aisles there (Tractor Supply Store is a close runner up!). Check out the neat things I found today in their canning and kitchen aisles!  Remember, Christmas is exactly five months from today. Plan for a stress free holiday by gathering gift ideas … Continue reading Farm Queen Visits Rural King