Farm Queen Visits Rural King

Rural King is my favorite store in the world. I LOVE wandering the aisles there (Tractor Supply Store is a close runner up!).

Check out the neat things I found today in their canning and kitchen aisles!  Remember, Christmas is exactly five months from today. Plan for a stress free holiday by gathering gift ideas now, making a list, and purchasing things each payday to keep from being overwhelmed with the cost.


This is a squirrel nutcracker.  How neat of a Christmas gift would this be with big bags of walnuts and pecans to crack???


This cast iron bacon press along with five pounds of fresh side would make any meat lover happy.


Is there a canner on your gift recipient list? This doodad will keep her from burning her fingers on the sterilized lids.


This pastry crimper could be paired with a pasta machine, a bag of King Arthur flour, and two dozen farm fresh eggs for the chef.


This is just a small selection of the neat kitchen items at Rural King; head over to start your Christmas shopping right now!

Note: my husband named this post! LOL

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