Busy bees


This squash plant came up by the garage as a volunteer.  I had both pumpkins and zucchini donated to my chickens last year, and I have no idea which one this is. I just left it alone. It’s had lots of flowers, and the vines are big and strong, but nothing has come of it.

We don’t spray any poisons here, and this year I’ve seen a huge explosion in the bees and butterflies around our house. I think it’s due to all the zinnia flower seeds Jake and I planted along the sidewalk and all the milkweed growing along the driveway.  It’s been really neat this year to drive up the driveway and see twenty or thirty butterflies or walk down our sidewalk and hear all the little buzzing bees to the left and right on all those flowers.


It keeps the local bees happy though. I don’t think this is a honeybee, but his little legs were just loaded with pollen this morning. A honeybee was buzzing around, but I couldn’t get his picture because he just kept buzzing everywhere.  I’m happy they’re there!

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