Happy hens

The hens are loving the good weather we’ve been having recently. They’re picking and pecking like crazy, and they’ve really been enjoying their evening free range time (we cannot free range 24/7 due to the local fox population which just waits on a hen to wander a bit too far from the flock and then become their tasty snack).

Evening free range start time = freedom!

The flock is so funny. Each chicken has its own distinct personality. Francesca the Fearless is the most curious and ferocious; she is the one that will travel the furthest away from the coop by herself and is the most tolerant of the dogs.

Francesca the Fearless – lavender orpington hen

Francesca does her own thing, and the others just follow her around.

Francesca showing some of the others where the tractor tire worms are hiding (when the tractor gets moved, there are always worms in the tire ruts for easy picking)

Scaredycat is the hen that will outlive them all. She’s afraid of everything and everyone, and she’s hypervigilant. She rarely goes out to free range because she doesn’t seem to feel safe away from familiar surroundings. She runs any time she deems anything scary (ie: pretty much all the time). She even sleeps as high up in the coop as possible! She won’t follow Francesca the Fearless for all the treats in the world.

Scaredycat roosting on the chain that usually holds the heat lamps in winter

The hens are happy, healthy, and safe, and as always…happy hens produce happy eggs!

Fresh eggs found on a hay bale on Friday evening, 4/3/2020

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