Buckeye Smartcar funnies for today

I’ve noticed that this little car gets big reactions from folks!  I’m going to start sharing them because I get a kick out of others getting a kick out of my little Buckeye Smartcar.

Today, 12/26/2016:

The cashier at Tim Horton’s leaned out the drive thru window and said, “Sweeeeeet!!!”

The car made an old lady smile, laugh, and point from her car at an intersection. 

A young guy laid on his horn and gave me the thumbs up on the highway.   He was all decked out in OSU stuff (hat and jersey).

Three people beeped at me and motioned me over when I needed to change lanes.  Four cars in a later string wouldn’t get over so I missed my exit (I’m going to guess that they were Michigan fans).  I still smiled though because that car is a blast to drive!

A couple stood in the Target parking lot, checking out the car from all angles.

A young guy crossing the street with his girlfriend had his cellphone out on the sly (I think he was videoing the car).  The girlfriend smiled at me so I smiled at her and waved exaggeratedly for his camera. They both started laughing.  LOL

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