Es-cop-ay! (said in Dory’s voice)

All four pigs got out.  Ted was gone for work, and when I went to feed them, they weren't there.  I kept looking for them, thinking they were sound asleep in a pig pile,  and then I was looking at the yard, thinking, "What did those dogs do NOW???"  Then I realized the pigs pushed … Continue reading Es-cop-ay! (said in Dory’s voice)

Rural King has chicks!

On the way home from our staff meeting, I stopped at Rural King.  Guess what cute feathery little fluffballs I found? Yep!  Chicks!!! There were just a few bins of them, but they were all pullets.  Farming tip: Let your local store know your name and number in case they can't sell the chicks they … Continue reading Rural King has chicks!

If you have bread…

If you have bread... ...they will come... ...and they will bring their feathered friends! Sahara ran out of bread. She was sure they were going to attack her. LOL Jake didn't want to leave even though he was out of bread, too. This funny one ate right from their hands. He brought a friend, too! … Continue reading If you have bread…

A little act of kindness goes a long way

​I posted on Kroger's Facebook page last night, and in less than 24 hours, there have been over 1,500 likes on it!  The comments have all been so positive, too.  It got me to thinking:  we're all so quick to post the negative, but I'm betting far more positives happen to all of us.  Let's … Continue reading A little act of kindness goes a long way