Hello, Chewey

Chewy is Gramma Izzie’s little nine year old Shih-Tzu.  Dad bought him years ago, before he retired from teaching, and Gramma became the doggie daycare for him for about fifteen hours a day.  They loved each other so much (and Chewey slid around on Mom’s hardwood floors and good rugs one time too many) that eventually, Chewy turned into Gramma’s dog and never left again.

He is definitely Gramma’s sidekick.  She takes him with her in the car to town to get a cheeseburger or fries dipped in a Wendy’s frosty.  He loves going through the bank drive thru and getting a dog biscuit.  

He sleeps on her bed with her, and she takes him for a little walk every day so it’s good that he gets her outside for exercise and fresh air.

He begs at the table, and he gets a little bite of every single thing she eats at every meal.  He likes his cookies dipped in a little coffee to soften them, and sometimes, she gets a roast from our freezer and makes it just so Chewey can have the bone from it.

When you ask the kids which animal they’d like to be, all our kids say his name because of how much Gramma loves him and spoils him.  LOL

I took all these pics of Chewey one morning because he fell asleep in front of the fireplace and just looked so cute!

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