FINALLY getting the new coop done

We built off of this little blue backyard shed ages ago, and I had grand plans. We all know the saying: “We plan and God laughs.” I bet He laughs at me A LOT.  This time, a few months ago, I mentioned to Ted that the chickens would be better off around back in this little blue shed for several reasons: 1) it has electric running to it (so just flip the breaker in the house, and the heat lamps would come on in winter, 2) the water is about twenty feet from it (so no more lugging two gallons of water every winter morning out to the chickens and even more every summer day), and 3) there’s a lot more space back there for a nice huge chicken run.

Ted is on board with my plan this time though. Usually I plan, and he talks me down from the ledge (or comes up with reasons why my plan won’t work or needs more thought).  This time, he’s all over it!

Ted spent all of Saturday setting fence posts for the new coop’s chicken yard. He used up t-posts that he’d stashed in the barn a year or two ago, and he repurposed an old gate and some hardware so we can easily go in/out of the new chicken yard.

He used the tractor to bring the posts and some wire to the new coop spot.

He used the bucket to gather up old wood chips from downed trees he’d chipped up ages ago, and he filled in a big low spot in the front yard while he was at it.

This is what the new spot looked like partway through his project on Saturday. He’s pulled into piles old junk that was just here, there, and everywhere. When you have a farm, you hold onto stuff because you never know what will come in handy for a future project. He’s pulled stuff out from under this building and from behind it and even inside it, and some of it came in handy while he was working on it. Now we just have to figure out what can be trashed and what should be stored away again.

Tomorrow’s post: the finished chicken yard!

DG and Puppers, always watching

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