Busy, busy, busy!

This month has been full of work. It should have been full of Christmas prep as well, but for the first time in fifteen years, the holidays took a backseat to everything going on in our lives.  Between work and college and the farm, I didn’t have the gumption to tackle decorating, baking, etc. ahead of time.


That’s a lynch pin in his hand.  Those little things lock heavy implements onto the tractor.

Two weekends ago, it was 72 degrees here the whole weekend!  It was FABULOUS!   We tackled several chores on the farm both days. 


The chicken coop got cleaned again and fresh straw spread out, the dogs all got bathed, hay was picked up and put in the barn, gravel got put on the barn driveway, eight of the roosters were processed and put in the freezer, and Ted fixed the water trough so Beef can’t tip it over anymore.  That was a big job, but it’s the one that will pay off the most over time.


You’d never suspect this precious face of being ornery, would you?

For months, Beef has tipped the huge water trough when bored. He does it to get Ted back out there because he just LOVES TED.  I had the idea that setting the trough between four posts would keep Beef from having enough leverage to tip it. 


Bindi was fascinated by the tractor and trailer.  She followed Ted all over the field.


Yes, Beef is eating from a refrigerator drawer. I had to improvise because I didn’t have a second bucket to keep them busy so they wouldn’t bother Ted while the concrete and posts set up. 


Bessie and Beef were happy to be distracted with extra feed.


Bindi eats feed now (just a little bit)!  She still nurses mostly though.


Bindi wore out after a few hours of activity.  This is her favorite nap spot.


Success!  No more shoving the water trough over!!!

I’m not sure what’s been going on with the December weather in Ohio, but that super warm weekend was wonderful!!!  This must be what people in Florida feel like at Christmas.  LOL

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