…it’s hard to get up in the morning just to sit down at the computer to do my job online.

It’s especially hard when I have to fly through my morning farm chores. On work mornings there’s never enough time to spend…


… scratching Bessie’s itchy head…


…watching Chicken TV which is always hilarious…


…checking to see how well the chicks are growing…


…and Cooper always wants me to slow down and just sit with him in the morning sunshine on the porch.


The wheelbarrow always makes me feel guilty when I pass it on these cool spring mornings because I know these are the days it should be full of fresh fragrant delicious dirt being wheeled into the garden …


… And the mulch always needs spread… ( Oh Lord! The amount of mulch! We won’t tell dad or hubby I think that because I don’t want to hear them say, “I told you so!”  Lol)


Don’t get me wrong. I love my job, but on days like these, when it is so beautiful and cool and crisp outside, I really wish I could just be a farmer.

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