Country girl driving in the big city

Today, we had a staff meeting in Columbus. We have these meetings periodically, and we either drive way up north to the Sandusky area or we drive to Columbus. These are always fun stressful times for me because though I am a good driver, I feel like I am holding a learner's permit and just … Continue reading Country girl driving in the big city

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Ted insisted on shoveling the sidewalk and plowing the driveway (although that didn't happen because the battery was out on the tractor), and Jake insisted on playing in the snow.  They're nuts!  I put by two weeks of groceries, the fireplaces are roaring, and we have Netflix and a popcorn machine.  I already did the … Continue reading Baby, it’s cold outside!

Eating healthier becoming easier

I used to spend hours at the grocery store, trying to read every label,  trying to avoid GMOs, preservatives, and additives.  It got a little easier as time went on because I figured out which items were staples for my cart and what I could substitute in recipes for certain ingredients.  Then the non GMO … Continue reading Eating healthier becoming easier