Country girl driving in the big city

Today, we had a staff meeting in Columbus. We have these meetings periodically, and we either drive way up north to the Sandusky area or we drive to Columbus. These are always fun stressful times for me because though I am a good driver, I feel like I am holding a learner’s permit and just got into a vehicle for the very first time when I have to drive in six lanes of traffic. Give me an ATV and a back woods trail, or give me a horse with or without the saddle, or give me any type of vehicle on a two lane road and I can drive it, and I feel like I drive it well!  Six lanes has me death gripping the steering wheel though and sweating bullets.

I am pretty sure that when I get into six lanes of traffic, I am flipped off, cussed out, and hated by fellow drivers. I do not enjoy driving in this type of situation! For example, the speed limit today was 55 in a road construction zone, and people passed me like I was standing still. Other drivers were either riding right on my bumper, or they were squeezing in between me and the car ahead of me every time I left the assured clear distance that you’re supposed to leave when you’re driving which meant that I was tge riding on someone’s bumper at 55 miles per hour. Other drivers were darting around, crossing three lanes of traffic to get to another lane or exit ramp.

I don’t know how people do this everyday! My husband and my oldest daughter do this, and I know that if I had to, I would be the grouchiest person anybody ever met by the end of the day. That is how I would end up living my life: as a grouchy horrible angry person, and it would all be because of the driving situation I would have to go through at least twice a day to get to work and get back home!

I do enjoy the face to face meetings that we have as a school because it gives me time to connect with my team and with my co teachers. By the time I get home from these meetings though, all I can think of is kicking off my shoes and standing barefoot on my patch of land. When I drive in the city, it just feels chaotic and like I am disconnected from my very core.  This afternoon I saw a state route that I knew would get me halfway home if I could head south, so I took it.  It was two scenic lanes, and I was in bliss because it was dotted with farms and cattle and old barns.  When I got onto it and out of that heavy traffic, I know my blood pressure went down by quite a few points.

I can’t imagine having to drive like that everyday.  I’m in awe of my family members that do it without any problems.  I am always so happy to get home!!!  I’m definitely a country girl, through and through!

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