Attn: non-green thumb wannabe gardeners!

Martha has an awesome garden. I want an awesome garden, too! Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb like she does. Give me any animal with four legs, and I can raise it happy and healthy. Give me a patch of dirt, and about the only things I have figured out how to grow … Continue reading Attn: non-green thumb wannabe gardeners!

Enjoying a little reprieve….

...last week when we were having a little warmer weather.  The chickens love it when they get to wander the entire property.  I've been letting them do this every afternoon, and they've just loved it.  Usually the chicken hawks are circling, and I have to keep them inside their fenced chicken yard for their safety, … Continue reading Enjoying a little reprieve….

How to measure pigs (for weight)

There's a nice formula for estimating the weight of your pig.  This is handy to know and be able to do because you don't want to take your piggies to market (so to speak) before they weigh enough, or there won't be much meat coming back home to you. The formula is super easy: girth … Continue reading How to measure pigs (for weight)