Hay helper

Getting hay to the cattle since Ted had surgery has been an adventure. Normally, he just put a round bale of hay into the pasture, and it lasted about eight days. All I had to do was give them a little treat every day, check on their health (eyes, coat, tongue, hooves, and plops), and top off their water tank.

Now, I make a trip every five days to a nearby farm and haul ten bales from this farmer’s hay spot to my pickup, throw them in the bed of the truck, stack the bales like I’m playing Tetris so it all fits, tarp and tie the load down, and haul them home. 

Then every afternoon, I drive up the hill, climb in the bed of the truck, cut the twine off two bales, make sure the twine is far out of my way so I don’t accidentally throw it in for one of them to eat, and then toss the hay bales into the pasture corner.  I’m getting biceps from it all. LOL

Then I give them a treat, check their health, eyes, etc, and top off the water tank.


Notice how he makes sure he has the biggest area in the feed pan all to himself. He pushes Bessie to the side as much as he can.  He’s such a pig!
Beef sure does like me now because of all this!  Every time he sees me, he comes barreling to where I am.  He about gave me a heart attack the first time he did it; the sight of 1500 pounds of pure muscle racing straight at me, full speed ahead, was enough to scare me to death!  I thought he was coming right through the fence!  He didn’t though, and now I know he’s just a big pig and has to make sure he gets the first bite of everything…


Did someone bring the slop bucket for me???”

.. sort of just like Bitsy!

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