Look what Ted found!

Last week on Thursday while Ted was feeding Beef and Bessie, he heard a kitten crying. He started looking around and saw a little ball of white fluff out in the middle of the paddock, right where Beef could get to it!  Now I don’t know if this applies to all cows, but Beef and Bessie love cats. They try to rub them with their heads but because they’re so big, the cats usually run before they get close enough. This tiny kitten was definitely too small to run away.

Ted took Beef’s feed to the far corner of the paddock, and then he sprinted back to the gate, jumped over it, ran through the field, scooped up the little kitten in one hand while still running, and slid under the fence on the other side. He said that all he was hoping as he was running across that field was that the kitten was not a wild one because it would have shredded his arm to ribbons trying to get away!


The kitten was tiny, and she still wanted to nurse. We had no idea where she came from because all of our cats are spayed and neutered. She wasn’t missing from any of the neighbors’ homes. Gramma Izzie said she saw a truck go up the driveway near the paddock earlier that evening and then come right back off the hill. She thought it was somebody checking to see if we were home to visit, but after seeing the kitten, she said more than likely somebody dumped her out in the driveway, and she found her own way into the paddock.


Daisy was not happy about the new addition. She skulked around the house for almost a week, acting like she’d been betrayed by her very best friend.


I think she’s finally a little more chill about everything now.


Smidge loves her which is actually very shocking. She usually tolerates kittens and puppies (at best).


Puppers can’t decide if she’s a snack or a friend, and DG and Cooper just want her to leave them alone.  That’s not very likely to happen.  She’s loud and obnoxious when she’s lonely, and it’s easier to just give in and let her pile on top of you than it is to listen to her squall at the top of her lungs.  She’s really sweet and funny though so that more than makes up for all the yelling she does and her little stinky fishy breath.


Look at the eyebrows on this kitten! This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on an animal!

Welcome to the family, little Groucho Marx.

PS  Please be a responsible pet owner and spay and neuter your pets!

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