I’m back home…

I had a work meeting which took me about five hours from home for two days this week.

There was a horrible storm all over our state the first night.  I was at dinner with a friend, and we didn’t realize how bad it was until I started to drive the 30 miles back to the hotel. There were downed trees, ripped off roofs, and branches everywhere!


This reminded me of a postcard – farm near Sandusky after the storm

There was a beautiful rainbow, too, though.


Everybody was glad when I got back home. Sahara told me the house is just in chaos when I’m gone. I was aggravated that nobody did any chores while I was gone (except they did keep the animals alive LOL). Ted told me that at least when I get home, I know I’m needed.


Gorgeous views of sunset near Sandusky

The dogs have stayed right by my side. If I go out the door, they run out and wait at the van for me. I go nowhere alone right now.


My sidekick, Puppers, napping in “her” seat

I like that I’m missed and needed so much.    🙂

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