Attn: non-green thumb wannabe gardeners!

Martha has an awesome garden. I want an awesome garden, too! Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb like she does.

Give me any animal with four legs, and I can raise it happy and healthy. Give me a patch of dirt, and about the only things I have figured out how to grow are zinnias, sunflowers, and sometimes tomatoes.  This is frustrating beyond belief to me! I always feel like there is some big secret that successful gardeners have, and if I can just figure out what the secret is, then I would be able to grow fresh food for my family, too, and I would be able to do it easily.

I think I may have just found that secret! Now if you are somebody you already gardens well, this post is not for you. You probably don’t need this little item that I’m going to show, and you probably already have all this information in your brain somehow. For those of us struggle with gardening though, I think I have found the secret!

I ran across this in somebody’s Facebook post on my feet, and I decided for $5, it was worth it. Five dollars is easily blown by going through a fast food joint, so I figured this was a healthier option than that. LOL


This is Clyde’s garden planner. I love that it is made in the USA so let me just say that first off! This is good for spring and fall gardening (you just flip it over for one or the other).  This has the months January through September across the top for spring (April through December for fall), and under each of those are columns that correspond to one week time periods.  It has a little flap on the side that can be pulled just like we used to have in our old books where you could cause things to slide in the pictures.  There is a red line on the sliding part, and all I had to do was line that up with where the projected last frost date is for spring. Once that was lined up, this handy little chart tells me when to plant seeds indoors and when to plant seeds outside for many popular crops. It also tells me when I can expect to harvest these. If I pull the slider all the way out, it tells me how many seeds I need for a ten foot row, how deep I am supposed to plant the seeds, how I’m supposed to plant the seeds (in raised rows or hills as well as the size of the rows or hills), and how far apart the rows are supposed to be!

For instance, I know that I am going to plant onions in sets in mid-March here. I will need 100 of the little onions to plant; I will put them in raised rows which are 18 inches apart, and I will shove each little onion one inch deep in the dirt. Once they come up, I will thin the little plants so that they have three inches between each one. I can expect to harvest my onions from the end of June through the first week of August (if I plant them weekly for six weeks from the first time I plant them).  I got all of that information from this one little row of the garden planner!

I ordered it last week, and I had it within just a few days.  It came with a plastic sealable bag so I can use it in the garden if needed and not worry about it getting wet.

I am thrilled with this item, and I feel like it’s going to be a real game changer for me when it comes to gardening this year. If you are interested in getting your own copy of this, you can visit this website: . Be sure to tell them that Striving Acres sent you (no, I don’t get any kind of reimbursement or kickback for sending people over there, and I was not paid for writing this blog post; I just think this is an excellent item and think other people should know about it too!).

One of the tenets of the Tao of Martha is “There’s value in doing it yourself; there’s more value in learning to do it yourself from someone who’s been there before you.”   In other words, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others who already know how to do well what you want to do.

I have found it! I have found the secret! I will take what these people know and have put into an easy-to-use form, and this will be the year that I have a truly awesome garden!

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