A light drizzling snow started falling this morning.  It came down for two hours, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.  The roads are covered (not just the back roads but the state routes as well!), and my little farm friends don’t like it.



See the white hen in the back who is photo bombing the pic? She said, “Are you crazy, farmer lady??? I am NOT going out that door again until it’s spring!”

I opened the coop this morning, and the chickens and turkeys ate breakfast and then most headed right back inside the coop to bask under the heat lamps.


A few stragglers are still poking around, but even they are heading for the coop at this early hour.


This turkey kept eyeballing me, waiting on her treats. If she gets any fatter,  she won’t squeeze through the coop door!


These two young roosters think they’re in charge because the older roosters are inside the coop and not out here bossing them around.  Ahhhhh, youth…


DG muttered, “Really?  A picture?  How about if she puts her rear on this icy cold porch, and I snap the picture instead???  LET ME BACK IN THERE!!!”

These two wanted out the door and then barked to come back in just two minutes later (seriously – I was still taking my boots and gloves off when they came back up to the door).  Smidge went out and was covered in snow when she came back in, and now she won’t go near the door. She looks out the open door and at me like I’m crazy for asking if she needs out now.  She wouldn’t even sit still for a picture.


Cooper just said, “NOPE!  I’ll hold it!!!”

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