Gramma would have loved this

I am currently in the last semester of getting my masters in special education. That entails field experience which means I take my lunch hour once or twice a week to work with students at a local school (because while it’s okay to get the degree from an online college, it’s not okay to teach lessons to kids in an online classroom and have it count toward college credits…???…but I digress).

On Sunday, I picked up a cute wooden bat cutout and a few small items to use while teaching the letter name and sound for Bb later this week. Today at lunch I spent a few minutes glittering the bat with black and orange glitter…

…and all I could think about was how much Gramma Izzie would have loved this. We would have had glitter all over her kitchen table and been laughing about how it was stuck on Chewie’s nose and all over us. She’d have asked all about the lesson and how the Ss lesson went last week. She’d have offered to make homemade bread or biscuits for the kids because those start with Bb.

But most of all, we’d have laughed and laughed while we did this.

I miss you, Gramma. I’m glad I knew you so well that I can realistically imagine what lunch with you would have been like today!

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